Cheerleading, Dance, & Tumble

Classical Ballet/Tap

Children will learn the fundamentals of ballet/tap technique and terminology in a fun and creative atmosphere, designed to make learning ballet fun! Class will focus on barre, floor work, center,  and across the floor exercises and combinations, incorporating props and imaginative instruction. Students will also learn a ballet dance for an end of session performance. Great for building confidence, poise, discipline, coordination, and flexibility!

Hip Hop Dance

Class Descriptions

So you like to dance? Calling all boys and girls!  In this high-energy, age-appropriate class, kids will learn fun hip-hop exercises and combinations, danced to their favorite music. Children will also learn several choreographed dance routines in preparation for an end of session recital!

Pop Stars Dance 

Students will use pom poms and learn the fundamentals of cheerleading such as stretches, arm motions, kicks & jumps, voice projection, across the floor exercises, cheers/chants, sideline dances, beginner stunts, tumbling, and a full routine, all of which will be performed for families on the last day of the session AND at a USD game! At our recreation center sites, perform at a local event! Routines each season are brand new!

Jazz/ACRO Combo

Learn to dance like your favorite pop star in this unique jazz/hip-hop fusion class! Children will learn fun choreography to their pop song favorites, singing along while performing several routines at their end of the session "concert!"

Storybook Musical Theater & Dance

Introduces the fundamentals of jazz and acrobatics as seen on TV and on Broadway! This class will build on basic jazz and acro skills through fun across the floor exercises/combos, stretching, mat work, and choreographed routines. Helps develop body awareness, concentration, coordination, and self-confidence!

Parent & Me Classes

Designed for our very youngest of students, enjoy our various dance, tumbling, and movement classes with your child, comforted with their guardian by their side! These classes begin at the age of walking infants and incorporate play, movement, music, dance, and more in a fun, encouraging atmosphere in preparation for our older age group classes!

Casting all boys and girls! Participate in fun drama games and exercises designed to bring out your inner star! Children will also learn acting lines/parts, dance choreography, and sing songs from a popular musical in preparation for an abridged presentation of a play at the end of the session! Great for  improving self confidence, language skills, and public speaking!


Young Gymnast

Dance With Me Music and Creative Movement

Students will stretch, jump, and learn conditioning exercises and how to properly execute forward rolls, backward rolls, handstands, cartwheels, backbends, and the beginning techniques of back handsprings and back kick overs. Mats and other equipment will also be used!

 Introduce your little one to the world of music and movement stimulating your child's mind and body! Children will sing and dance to fun children's music and nursery songs while using musical instruments, props, parachute, and play to get them moving and grooving! Parent participation required.